After leaving New York, Patricia Bell expanded her hair replacement practice in California to include those who lose their hair due to chemotherapy, illness, and burn survivors.

When approached by a friend of a friend to treat her badly burned daughter, Patricia was confronted by a human form with severe facial and scalp burns, no ears and a voice affected by smoke inhalation. “It was mind-boggling because I couldn’t tell if the victim was male or female, 16 years old or 35. I wanted to do everything I could for this person and, since I’m the type of person who has to find out everything I can about one certain thing, I did tons of research about burns and why more can’t be done surgically about scars and deformities.”

As Patricia became a burn expert, burn foundations, as well as doctors, started referring patients to her. It was at this time that she began offering paramedical camouflage to her hair replacement customers who felt uneasy going to estheticians because they had to remove their hair prior to treatment.

In 1980, Patricia Bell Specialized Cosmetology, Inc. opened for business in San Francisco. Although her cosmetology license covers skin care, Patricia underwent 300 hours of skin care training in 1982 at Kay Beaumont in San Mateo, California. After 35 hours of camouflage training in 1983, Patricia began to offer a variety of camouflage systems for burn survivors, lupus patients and people with port wine stain birthmarks, etc., and has employed an ongoing practice of continued education to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.

Airbrushed Makeup, a seminal development within the world of cosmetic artistry, is far and away ahead of established methods. So good that it completely raises the bar for the whole industry ... so good, in fact, that Patricia Bell made it the preferred choice of Belart!

The woman of today wants her own natural beauty enhanced. She doesn’t want to wear layers of colors that are supposed to make her acceptable to the beauty “norm”. Makeup artists today are taking another look at what defines beauty and how to achieve beauty with new tools. But wait! .... the airbrushed appeal doesn’t begin and end with women.

The New Benchmark

Many of the most recognizable television and movie personalities have used airbrushed makeup on film and television including: Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Clint Eastwood, Loni Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Gena Rowlands, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, Tim Allen, Demi Moore, Ricky Martin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Sharon Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Leonard Nimoy, Markie Post, Sean Young and many more. This is just the tip of the iceburg that extends to numerous newscasters, as well as supermodels.

Even former Vice President Al Gore has come to realize the importance of the right foundation. Early in the summer of 2000, when he was making a telvision appearance in Wahington, D.C., the CBS station’s makeup artist, Kay Gelborg, surprised him by spraying a light mist of foundation on his face with a low-pressure airbrush. The presidential candidate was so pleased with the smooth, natural finish that he asked Gelborg to join his entourage. She wasn’t available, but his staff immediately made arrangements for him to be airbrushed for some on-camera appearances along the campaign trail.

Gore is by no means the only politician to discover airbrushing. Former presidents Clinton and Bush both use it. “Former President Clinton had a professional makeup artist apply our product before his televised speeches when available”, says Dina Ousley, President and founder of Dinair, Inc. “It covered his rosacea (red skin discoloration) while at the same time the coverage is light enough to make it appear that he was not wearing any makeup at all! That’s why men, such as newscasters Dan Rather, John Roberts and Mike Wallace all love spray-on makeup. It looks completely natural; especially under harsh lighting and they can wear it out without everyone thinking they’re wearing makeup!”

A New Mindset

Airbrushing is not just a new way to apply makeup. It really is a completely new mindset; a new way of thinking about how to utilize color to enhance rather than how to put on makeup in order to achieve the culture’s standard in makeup beauty.

Colors are airbrushed onto the skin, the same principle as pointillism painting; small dots of color set onto the skin that lie next to one another creating an illusion of color. The pigment and texture of the skin is enhanced, not covered up and the result is an extraordinary natural look. “It gives you results that you really can’t get by hand,” says British makeup artist Sharon Dowsett, who airbrushed models for Issey Miyake’s spring/summer ‘98 show. “The machine has a light touch and can make skin look both flawless and natural. Plus, it’s quick and sanitary, because you don’t handle the makeup; it just pours directly into the pen.” Joanne Gair, the makeup artist who painted Demi Moore in her birthday suit on the cover of Vanity Fair, uses airbrushing on models for ad campaigns and magazines, such as a Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition in which she spray painted her artistic rendering of swimsuits directly on the models. Movie makeup artist Michele Burke also airbrushed characters in the Austin Powers sequel, “The Spy Who Shagged Me” and the Baywatch babes have their tattoos (and yes, a few imperfections) airbrushed out by makeup artist JoAnna Connell. Even makeover king Kevyn Aucoin is a convert. “I love it,” he says. “You can achieve a really unique effect with very little makeup ... a thin layer of color that’s opaque but doesn’t look heavy.”

No traditional makeup can match the natural look Airbrushing creates. Colors can also be sprayed to be more opaque to cover any uneven color, skin problems, scars and tattoos. It is a first choice in the paramedical field, as exemplified by this underscored ringing endorsement by Patricia Bell. “Airbrushed makeup has effectively raised the bar so high in the field of makeup artistry, it has set a whole new standard.”

The color is sprayed with air and the amount of flow of color and air is controlled by whoever is applying the color; you, or a makeup artist. The airflow, carefully controlled, flows at a low pressure. The systems are made up of spray brushes, small air compressors and more than sixty specially formulated colors from the Dinair Color Collection. They can be sprayed as they are or mixed to create other tones. The versatility of the Dinair products replace almost all of the traditional cosmetics that are cluttering up the bottom of your purse and your makeup table. As you develop your skill level with Airbrushing, you’ll want to experiment with the many fashion stencils “Lasting Impressions®”, stencils and colors for Airhair designs®, as well as body and fantasy art. All of the Dinair Colors are water based, water-resistant and don’t easily rub off. They dry instantly when applied correctly and you’ll never need to powder. The glamour colors are completely alcohol free. After you have experienced Dinair, you will see the difference instantly. It truly is an experience, not a makeup.

Makeup For The New Millenium

Have we piqued your interest? We hope so. As stated, we feature Dinair colors exclusively at Belart. That includes a complete line of products and services. So, whether it is for personal beauty enhancement, medical, professional use, a make-over or personal instruction, we invite you to join us at Belart in the Airbrushing experience ... makeup for the new millenium!

There is not another product like AIRTAN® on the market. Dinair® has developed AIRTAN®, a streak-free, natural-looking golden tan that looks like a real tan and fades like a real tan without exposing yourself to hours of damaging UV rays, which can cause burning, premature aging and even skin cancer. AIRTAN® applies easily, evenly, absorbs quickly and dries in less than 5 minutes. You actually see the tan appear as you airspray. It will not rub off onto clothes or bed sheets. The final effect will last up to ten days as the skin slowly exfoliates the dead skin tissue.

AIRTAN® is a "feel good" product that allows you to wear what you want, when you want. Feel free to wear those shorts or that skirt you want by simply spraying your legs and thighs down. AIRTAN® will enhance your beauty instantly!