Hair replacement, paramedical camouflage and hair loss treatment services: Rogain & Minoxidil. We provide the optimum in hair replacement service including hair loss treatment & paramedical camouflage

Belart, the business creation of owner Patricia Bell, is dedicated to providing the optimum in Hair Replacement and Paramedical Cosmetology. By adopting a work ethic incorporating a dedication to ongoing education and research of the latest advancements in these fields, Belart offers a constant in the newest, safest, most effective techniques available. 

Patricia Bell's expertise comes with a wide, long-standing background and a considerable list of credentials, including:

•California Cosmetology License
•Paramedical Camouflage Advisor License
•Degree from Kaye Beaumont Institute of Beauty in Australia
•Post graduate school of skin care degree
•Degree in clinical aromatherapy from Eve Taylor of London
Certificates in Business and Desairology
•Past Chairman, Board of Directors -Speakers Bureau for the Alisa Ann Ruch California Burn Foundation (where she lectures on burn prevention)
•Past Member of the St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary
•Member of the Phoenix Society, a self-help organization for burn survivors
•Member of the Alopecia Areata Foundation
•Board Member, 7 years -The American Hair Loss Council
•Cosmetic Panelist -World Burn Congress 1988 & 1990
•Certification in Airbrush Makeup               
•Chairperson for volunteer coordinator benefiting Freshwater Haven, a sanctuary for children of abuse; which is The Gala Extravaganza, created by Gentry Magazine.                                   

After receiving her California Cosmetologist License in 1963, Patricia Bell started out as a hair stylist; moving on to non-surgical hair replacement in 1969, following a stint with the New York theater community doing makeup and hair additions; as well as working in the most prestigious African American salon, Rudel's, mastering all techniques for ethnic hair.

Patricia opened her South San Francisco business in 1980; working on a referral basis with both reconstructive plastic surgeons and dermatologists, establishing a client base throughout the United States and Europe. Serving the needs of men and women, as well as children, Belart specializes in all types of hair loss, including male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, radiation, chemotherapy, alopecia areata, and accident/burn patients.

The friendly, relaxed, yet professional atmosphere at the Belart offices creates a comfortable environment of privacy where client confidentiality is easily achieved. Emotional factors, self/reflective images, lifestyle expectations, personality traits and all prospective client questions are always addressed within the consultation process prior to initiating the hair replacement services.

Due to the intricate and technical nature of creating custom hair replacement, Patricia chose to develop her product on location at Belart to meet individualized client needs, in addition to ordering from a factory. Partial or full caps are created by hand, utilizing singular hair insertion techniques to maximize natural growth patterns, thereby giving an assurance of perfect fit, color match and satisfaction.

Belart's specialized form of cosmetology, broad and comprehensive in its scope, offers corresponding services that range from standard and traditional needs to professional and medical. Taking a special interest in burn survivors, Patricia conducted extensive research into care after burns and psychological recovery of the patient. This burgeoning interest gave way to the creation of services including care of traumatized skin, as well as Paramedical Camouflage treatments.

Paramedical Camouflage is a treatment designed to correct skin trauma and discolorations of an accidental, dermatological, surgical, or congenital origin. It's usefulness, not only limited to burns, assists in camouflaging varicose veins, bruising, acne and prosthesis.

The confluence of skill and experience available at Belart enables their staff to offer a complete service to those who, because of hair loss, skin trauma, as well as facial disfigurement, have been uncomfortable and ultimately dissatisfied going to an establishment unqualified to meet their specialized needs.

Appointments and/or consultations may be scheduled at Belart, where the entire facility has been remodeled to include handicapped access. Information packets are available upon request. Patricia is also available for guest lecturing. All credit cards accepted.

Hours of operation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., and Thursday, 12:00 noon - 8:00 p.m

Hair replacement, paramedical camouflage and hair loss treatment services: Rogain & Minoxidil. We provide the optimum in hair replacement service including hair loss treatment & paramedical camouflage